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Happy 2021!: Just use /voucher redeem 2021 on most server. It will give you a nice reward
Survival server is now open.
Welcome to WraithMC's rules page!
Click on the tabs above to see the different sections of the rules.

Full list of rules can be found here

Useful links:

Forum Rules
1. Spamming
2. Advertising
3. Ranting/Flaming
4. Personal Information
5. Always follow the sectional rules
6. Inappropriate Media
7. Grave-digging
8. Signature Violation
Survival Rules
1. No Claim Griefing
2. No Inappropriate Builds
3. No Inappropriate Conversations
4. No Trapping of any kind
5. No Stealing of any kind

Discord Rules
1. No Spamming
2. No NSFW Content
3. No Advertising
4. No Bullying
5. Respect everyone
6. No Offensive names
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